The Best of
California Cannabis

Welcome to fumé

fumé was designed for the educated cannabis consumer who seeks out extraordinary strains, understands that terpenes are key players in their experience, and has a passion for sustainability and giving back to the cannabis community. 

Unique +

It’s likely you have heard of the strains featured in the fumé line up but you probably haven’t tried them before. That’s because these are small-batch strains with complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles that deliver a full-spectrum experience.

The Highest

These strains are visually appealing, have vibrant colors, and produce enticing aromas when squeezed. Each large bud was cured to perfection and then hand-trimmed with care.


The sustainability of the grower’s cultivation practice is of the utmost importance to our selection process. The fumé brand was developed to showcase the grower–many of whom are heritage growers–that have been honing their craft of growing small-batch cannabis sustainably and responsibly for decades in California. That means, no run-off from their farm, no chemicals or toxic chemicals used, and they don’t import water.

Elevated Smoking

We’ve included a premium UV-resistant, air-tight flower jar that will preserve the flower for five times longer than any other jar on the market. We worked with a small wood accessory maker in Denver to produce our custom cherry wood smoke tips included with our King Cones and Pre-Roll Packs. And, we sourced organic beeswax hemp wicks to remove the taste of sulfur from a matchstick or butane from a lighter, allowing you to taste the flower in its truest form.

Last Prisoner Project

We are partnering with Last Prisoner Project to free people who are currently incarcerated for a drug that is no longer illegal. We actively partner with Last Prisoner Project and support their ongoing efforts with recurring monthly donations. We are proud to be long-standing supporters of Last Prisoner Project. If you’d like to get involved, please visit

We believe

1.That THC shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when selecting a cannabis strain.

While THC delivers the psychoactive component of your experience, the entourage effect of the terpene and cannabinoid content plays a more significant role in determining your experience.

2.That every body is beautiful.

Your experience with cannabis will be dictated by your unique biological makeup. It will also be informed by what you ate, when you last ate, if you are fully rested, if you are imbibing in alcohol while smoking, etc. There are many things that will inform your experience with a strain. We have given you everything you need to explore these spectacular strains in all of their glory. You just need to light the wick and inhale.

3.That giving back is important

Giving back comes in many forms and every one of us can make a difference. When considering which cannabis to buy, we encourage you to choose brands that are committed to sustainable farming practices. Choose brands that honor the plant and the planet by investing in their products in order to avoid plastics and throw-away packaging. And, choose brands that give back to the cannabis community with the hopes of righting the wrongs of the past and strive to leave this world a better place for future generations.